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Guidelines - Alchemist Barber Company

Effective from July 4th 2020, below, we have outlined and detailed our working COVID-19 policy so you can book in with us with the knowledge that your safety is our top priority. Book in with us here.


While we have always been an appointment advised barbershop, for the foreseeable future we will be running on an appointment only basis. However if you’re walking by, you can still pop your head around the door and get booked in, or dm us on Instagram, message us on Facebook, fill in the form online, call the shop during opening times or drop us an email.


Do not turn up to your appointment if you are feeling unwell and are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms providing as much notice as possible. Alternatively if you have been exposed to anyone with symptoms or shielding please hold off booking until it’s safe for you to do so.


Please arrive on time for your appointment, we will be leaving the door open as much as possible  to keep fresh air circulating and to be able to give you a heads up when you can come in. It is advised that no food or drink apart from water (whether provided by us or you) should be consumed in the shop in disposable cups or bottles. We will be keeping a temporary record of clients and visitors for 21 days inline with the governments request to comply with NHS ‘Test and Trace.’


Because we are a small shop, and due to this whole social distancing thing, we can only have one client at a time in the shop each. This means no waiting around inside the shop too, so wait outside until the chair is free. If we are running late, we will be in touch so you don’t have to be waiting long, so unless you hear from us arrive on time.


No hair washing in the shop (not that we did that anyway) but please come to your appointment with clean hair (no product) if possible. Beard trims are permitted if we avoid high-risk zones. Here, services will be limited to simple beard trims, thinning or removing bulk or length which can be done using either clippers or scissors. This will be carried out from the side or behind.

06 ​PPE

We will be wearing the PPE (face visors) required by the government guidelines and will also be sporting masks and gloves as additional precautionary measures. We also require all clients to wear a face covering/mask and have some on hand at a small charge if you need one.  


Hand sanitiser is available at each station and we will ask you to use it before each appointment, and after, if you’d like. No handshakes, hugs and kisses no matter how excited we are to see each other because, you know, germs.


We will be using disposable gowns and precautionary measures with products for every client by using disposable tools to get products out of tubs, jars etc and cleaning after use. Hand towels and tissues are available alongside hand sanitiser at anytime. 


In addition to a thorough cleaning each morning and evening, all equipment, chairs and shared spaces will be sanitised between every client. (Basically, you touch it, we clean it!) 


We have moved the stations further apart inline with social distancing requirements and request that if possible you come alone to your appointment with the exception for children’s haircuts to be accompanied by one parent or guardian. Please practice and follow social distance rules whilst in the shop and while waiting outside.

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